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The name Gayheng is a transliteration and translation of the Chinese characters with meaning of ‘Art’ or ‘Skill’ and ‘Prosperity’. With decades of continuous development since 1960’s, Gayheng has transformed itself from a simple metal workshop to a regional stainless steel kitchen equipment player. We provide a wide range of standard and custom-made stainless steel kitchen equipment to restaurants, hotels, food courts, cafe, airport, military camps, hospitals, school canteens, supermarkets, fish markets, food factories and government institutions, from small to large scale catering volumes.

Continuous innovation, determination and relentless pursuit of craftsmanship superiority have positioned Gayheng where it is today. Our R&D team focuses on product durability, energy-saving (i.e. reduction in gas and electricity consumption and increase in operating efficiency), environmentally friendliness (less pollution) and workflow efficiency and consistency. With state-of-the-art technology, we aim to bring premium kitchen solutions to chefs, thus empowering them on their way to excellent results.

Our kitchen products are usually developed and tailor made to the customers’ distinct requirements and concept, taking into consideration of the workflow, workplace constraint and allowance for future expansion etc. We produce practical, easy to operate and high standard equipment at reasonable price, not only to fulfill every chef’s individual needs, but exceed their expectations. When providing kitchen design and planning, we always listen to the customers and give appropriate consultation to realize their concepts.

Besides, we also supply household products such as stainless steel gate & fence, door grille & window grille, staircase railing, awning, kitchen and bathroom products, to both project developers, recreation parks, theme parks and individuals.

Although there are many challenges and tough competition, we still persist that our products to be primarily made from Stainless Steel (Grade 304), which is a high quality material comply with international standards. Meanwhile, you can also be assured of good after-sales service and one stop service.
In future, we aim to create a better world by providing our user-friendly stainless steel products to all corners of the world.

► To create a better life for people by using stainless steel.
► To help chefs around the world unleash their full potential by offering the most suitable, efficient and easy to use kitchen equipment to them at affordable price.
► To create safe homes with sturdy stainless steel grilles.
► To create stainless steel products with enhanced user-friendliness to ease the people’s works.


不断的创新,决心和对工艺优越的不懈追求造就了今天的艺兴白钢。 我们的研发团队专注于产品耐用性、节能(即降低煤气与电能消耗,提高运营效率)、环保(减少环境污染)以及提升工作流程效率和一致性。凭借先进的技术,我们的目标是为厨师提供优质的厨房解决方案,从而使他们获得卓越的成就。

我们的厨房产品通常根据客户的独特要求和概念进行开发和定制,同时考虑到工作流程,空间限制和未来扩展的准备等。我们以合理的价格生产实用,易操作和高品质的设备,不只是满足每位厨师的个人需求,更要超越他们的期望。 在提供厨房设计和规划时,我们时刻聆听客户的意见并提供适当的咨询,以实现他们的理念。



► 以不锈钢打造更美好的人生

► 通过以合理价格为厨师提供最合适,最高效和易于使用的厨房设备,帮助世界各地的厨师充分发挥他们的潜力。
► 利用坚固的不锈钢门窗花打造安全家园。
► 制造更易于使用的不锈钢产品以让人们的工作更轻松。

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